We provide the highest standards of Strategic Project Management.
With custom innovative Tools, Processes and Methodologies.
With the most qualified resources.
Leave theproject management in our hands so you can focus on your biomedical research.

We go beyond the classical project management, bringing advanced capabilities that brings our partners a real added value.

Project Intelligence

We use our expertise to identify the critical paths and management procedures, including project monitoring, work plan follow up as well as  the definition of strategic KPIs, to ensure thehigh quality in the results.

Team Management

The definition and set up of governance structures is part of our actions in every project and we use them as the base for meetings coordination, internal comms as well as the tailored tools development and team dynamics.

Data Management

We make awide databases networking available to our partners and define procedures and tools, becoming a honest broker that will take care of their data as if it were ours.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge transfer is key for the success of every project. We take care of the knowledge mapping and transfers, evaluation activities, and solutions for users’ requirements.

Dissemination and Outreach

We define and execute a communication plan in collaboration with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders – including patient organisations – through different channels and tools, to maximize the impact of the project.

Legal Management

We manage the legal aspects related to projects, dealing with the key aspects as governance, confidentiality and intellectual property rights, as well as coordinating the negotiation process of collaboration agreements with multiple parties.

Admin and Finance Management

Professional expertise in managerial aspects during the implementation of the project and adapted to specific funding sources.