Make your research project a game-changer

We provide the highest standards of
Strategic Project Management

With custom innovative
Tools, Processes and Methodologies

Leave the project management in our hands so you can focus on your biomedical research. We go beyond the classical project management, bringing advanced capabilities that gives our partners a real added value.

Expertise areas
Strategic Manegement

Based on our extensive past experience, we are able to provide highlevel advise for strategic solutions to complex situations, stakeholders’ management, leveraging and creating synergies, etc.

Project Intelligence

We use our expertise to identify the critical paths and to define management procedures and workflows, including project monitoring, definitionof strategic KPIs as well as knowledge mapping and transfer to ensure highquality of results.

Team Management

We design and coordinate organizational structures for the project governance, we ensure internal communications, meetings organization anddevelop tailored tools for monitoring and managing team dynamics.

Data Management

We set up and manage data sources networks and specific data management processes, as well as developing ad-hoc data management tools.

Legal Management

We provide advice on legal aspects such as governance, confidentialityand IPRs, as well as coordinating the elaboration of multi- stakeholders’ collaboration agreements, setting the legal structure to onboarding Data Partners to networks and drafting any kind of legal documents (MTA, CDA, MoU, SFA).

Finance & Admin Management

We share our expertise in managerial aspects of the project, as well asfunding sources, budget distribution, monitoring, support in audit processesand financial reporting.

Dissemination & Outreach

We define and execute communication plans in collaboration with relevantstakeholders through different channels and tools, to maximize the impact ofthe project.

Sustainability of research results

We develop sustainability scenarios for research projects, as well asplanning exploitation strategies and coordinating negotiation processes with thestakeholders involved in sustainability solutions.

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