Turn your research Project into a game-changer

Using innovative Tools, Processes and Methodologies
to provide the highest standards in Strategic Project Management

Services provided
Strategic Management

High-level advice and innovative solutions for stakeholder management, detection of synergies across work streams, project design, vision alignment, conflict resolution, risk and change management, using extensive experience in setting up and managing large international public-private partnerships and EU-funded projects.

Project Intelligence

Identification of critical paths, definition of procedures and workflows for project activities, project monitoring, roles and responsibilities, definition of strategic Key Performance and other indicators, dashboarding, impact assessment, knowledge mapping and transfer to ensure high quality of results.

Team Management

Design and coordination of organisational and governance structures, internal communication mechanisms, partner profiling, optimization of work and communication dynamics, meeting organisation and tailored tools for monitoring and managing team productivity.

Data Management

Set up and management of networks of data sources, innovative data management processes and workflows, design and development of customised data flow management tools, data sharing policies and incentives, based on practical experience across industrial and academic organisations.

Legal Management

Advice on legal aspects such as governance, confidentiality and IPRs, elaboration and negotiation of multi-stakeholder collaboration agreements, conflict resolution, setting up of legal structures and production of legal documents (contracts, Consortium Agreements, MTA, CDA, MoU, SFA, LoI, etc.).

Finance & Administrative Management

Liaising with sponsors and funding agencies, budget configuration using Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), dynamic scenarios, cost and payment monitoring, management of reserve and contingency funds, effort estimation, reporting, consulting on audit processes, earned value assessment, administrative project support.

Dissemination & Outreach

Definition and execution of communication plans in collaboration with relevant stakeholders through different channels and tools (website, social media, bespoke materials, etc.), support to publications, monitoring of impact of communication, advice on communication strategy, graphical design.

Sustainability of research results

Design and development of sustainability scenarios for research projects, planning of commercial exploitation strategies (licensing, M&A, etc,) and coordination of the negotiation processes with involved stakeholders to optimize internal & external buy-in, business planning and development.

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