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Article: SYNAPSE
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8th January 2023
The entire SYNAPSE team gathered in Barcelona for a special annual meeting to close the year. The event was very collaborative, and included several sessions led by the Heads of Department, plus some creative workshops to enhance team dynamics and discuss strategic positioning.

sandra pla  and elena del rey during their sessions

The day started with some company remarks by our CEO Carlos Díaz, followed by some presentations by Sandra Pla (COO & Head of Research & Development Projects) and Elena del Rey (Head of Business Development and Services). In these sessions, the Heads of Department reviewed the milestones achieved during 2022, focusing on the areas of improvement and the new challenges that we will face in the near future. These talks were open to discussion with the rest of the team, creating a healthy exchange and debate.

As a new initiative this year, the Communication Department designed creative workshops inspired by techniques of design for innovation. First, the team was divided randomly in different working groups, and they were asked to complete a number of drills focused on the company values and personality. The goal was to understand everyone's vision and be able to collectively define a consistent voice for our messaging.

these drills moved us out of our comfort zone, creating new dynamics and ideas

To close the event, each team member was given the exact number of pieces (23) and had an individual building assignment: to represent their vision of SYNAPSE using all pieces and to explain why. The event couldn't wrap in any other fashion than with a special gift, a customised figurine for everyone!

THE playful environment helped to push our creativity

The event was really successful both professionally and personally. We are really excited for what's to come in 2023, and we strive to work together and help each other to achieve our goals.

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