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2nd January 2024
15 years of enjoying projects
2023 has been a very special year for us: we have celebrated our 15th anniversary. Since 2008, we strive to apply our project management skills to help the acceleration of health research projects.

2024 is already here and with it all our new goals and purposes are set. But before that, we want to take a closer look at 2023 and its meaning for us. It's not an easy milestone for any company of any industry to stay afloat for 15 years, and we pride ourselves in the trajectory and results that we have sustained over the years. Our growth and position in this sector is precisely based on the learnings and lessons taken from every single project, and how we can apply that expertise into new inititatives, elevating our capacity as a team to overcome new challenges and fulfill expectations, adapting to mutiple contexts.

As part of our annual gathering before the winter holidays, we did a special workshop. We asked everyone in the team to reflect on one adjective to define our identity. After collecting everyone's insight, we picked up one word per year. As a result, these are the 15 words that define the core values here at SYNAPSE.

“A company is not defined by discrete milestones – but by the constant endeavour to perform better, the drive to excel and help the ultimate objectives of any research project; most of all, Synapse is defined by the people that work for that common objective every single day. The future is however informed by the past, and on this anniversary it is impossible to resist the temptation to open our picture book and look at some of the snapshots. It is amazing how far we’ve come.”  - Carlos Díaz (CEO)

A single timeline animation couldn't fit all the milestones achieved during all these years, but here's a quick recap with some:

2024 is already here and we have a lot of exciting news to share. Stay tuned for more and to the next 15 years!

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