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Article: SYNAPSE
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27th June 2018

SYNAPSE is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The company has been steadily growing in size, expertise and in the complexity of the projects it is involved in. The SYNAPSE Executive Committee is fully engaged in a reflection to take stock of what has been achieved so far and to identify and prioritse new areas for development.

Last 15th of June a number of long term partners and collaborators were invited to contribute to this reflection during a day-long session in Barcelona. The group joined the SYNAPSE Executive Committee and revisited the company’s trajectory, analysed strenghts and weakness and discussed about which new areas of development offered more added value.

Everyone agreed that one of the sucess factors of SYNAPSE is based in its participation in the conception and design of projects. It was clear that SYNAPSE does not only offer management and administration of projects; it goes much beyond this, becoming a key contributor to value creation through synergies in innovative and collaborative partnerships.

In line with this positioning, new opportunities were identified that will be addressed in the company’s strategic plan for the years to come. It is time to open to new horizons and to capitalise on the knowledge and expertise developed in the first 10 years of SYNAPSE.

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