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Article: Neuronet
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5th July 2022

Representatives of NEURONET partner organizations and members of its Scientific Coordination Committee (SCB) met last July 1st in Barcelona to compile and evaluate the achievements of the NEURONET project in the last three years. This meeting also served as an opportunity to share and evaluate lessons learned and to jointly plan the future of NEURONET.

NEURONET is a coordination and support action led by SYNAPSE whose objective is to support the projects of the neurodegeneration (ND) research portfolio of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), focusing on the development of tools and services to support the dissemination of project results, as well as the promotion of synergies between them.

The NEURONET initiative supports more than 20 projects in IMI’s ND portfolio through multiple activities, including its working groups on data use and sharing, support and interaction with regulatory agencies and HTAs, on ethics and patient privacy, and sustainability.

At the last meeting, the Consortium reflected on the tangible results and innovations of the project, as well as its communication strategy and platform NEURONET Knowledge Base, including its Asset Map and Decision Tool. NEURONET has created several specific working groups to facilitate collaboration between IMI ND projects and stakeholders, including NEURO Cohort as a pilot element.

The attendees considered the experiences of the past three years, reviewing the lessons, strengths and successes of the project that could be sustained and developed in the future, as well as the next steps that the Consortium can take to achieve this goal.

An estimated 165 million Europeans suffer from some brain disorder

According to the European Comission, an estimated 165 million Europeans suffer from a brain disorder. These include neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, which are related to a gradual loss of brain cells.

Several research projects launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, Europe’s largest public-private collaboration in the life sciences, aim to better understand and develop treatments for conditions related to brain disorders. By creating the NEURONET platform and promoting collaboration and communication about these projects, we hope to contribute to the necessary continuation of research in the area.

NEURONET aims to help the scientific community identify unmet needs, make neurodegeneration (ND) findings more visible to society as a whole, and create links between Innovative Medicines Initiative projects and other international research initiatives.

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