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Article: TransBioLine
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11th November 2022

On the last 27th – 28th of October, nearly 50 representatives of TransBioLine consortium met face-to-face in Barcelona for the first time after the pandemic to hold the 5th Consortium Meeting, a 2-day event organised by SYNAPSE.

Even with virtual attendance being offered, around 50 representatives of the TransBioLine consortium had the opportunity to meet again face-to-face to share updates and upcoming project activities. During this 5th TransBioLine Consortium Meeting, organised by us, the participants brainstormed on the project’s sustainability and agreed on the next steps to follow to secure the Project’s legacy. Additionally, other relevant topics like project progression were also approached during this F2F event.

Following two days of fruitful discussions, to close the meeting, the SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) and EAB (Ethical Advisory Board) members provided their feedback and suggestions to achieve the project objectives successfully.

The Translational Safety Biomarker Pipeline (TransBioLine) Project aims to generate exploratory and confirmatory data supporting regulatory qualification and acceptance of novel safety biomarkers for five target organ systems (kidney, liver, pancreas, vascular, and central nervous system) for application in drug development.

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