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17th June 2022
Inari Soininen, our Senior Project Manager, led two plenary sessions providing an overview of dissemination highlights and project closing requirements.

Inari Soininen, Senior Project Manager at SYNAPSE, had an important role at the 9th General Assembly Meeting of TransQST, a 2-day hybrid event celebrated on June 13-14 in Barcelona and organized by SYNAPSE.

Inari led two plenary sessions of the meeting and spoke about the significant impact of TransQST in the field of systems toxicology, recent example being the 11 project innovations accepted by the EC Innovation Radar. She also shared with the audience experiences of challenges and benefits that SYNAPSE, as an SME, has encountered when preparing and managing research projects in the healthcare sector funded by European programs such as IMI, H2020 or the most recently released Horizon Europe.

Members of TransQST partner organizations, as well as experts from the European Medicine´s Agency and the project external Scientific Advisory Board, participated in this final meeting of the TransQST project which rounded off the 5,5 years of work of this successful public-private collaboration.

TransQST aims to develop novel computational approaches using the best available data from the public and private domains to improve the understanding of adverse drug reactions (i.e., unwanted side effects of medication) to reduce significantly patient morbidity, mortality and hospitalisation costs.

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